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My little 1.6 has some impressive performance for such a small motor. I've noticed that I never, I mean never run at 4000 rpm and I live in a rural, rather hilly area. I just drive it 21 miles to work every morning and it hardly downshifts, and does not run inefficiently at all. I'm averaging 22 mpg and it been in the - f degrees for the past few weeks. I'm hoping that I get great life out of the 1.6 and I really love this escape. If it does go bad early Maine has a law called the Attorney Generals Implies Warrantee Law, which strictly protect owners of NEW automobiles from items or vehicles that wear out prematurely or prior to it's expected usable life expectancy. Basically it functions as an automatic extended warrantee without consumers needing to buy it and without deductibles. I breath easy knowing that I bought a NEW car versus a used one for this reason alone.
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