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Question Ford Sync keeps disconnecting

Having issues with Ford Sync in my '15 E S. so i dont have MyFordtouch.

It was working with my phone (samsung s5) for the first few weeks through bluetooth but for some reason today my phone pairs fine, then when i choose the source as bluetooth right before the music plays it says phone disconnected. Same happens when i try to use ford sync apps and try to launch spotify. the disconnection seems to happen when i press play (i use spotify)

I have tried using my phone through USB but since day one it did not work just gives me an error "this phone can not play protected content" or somethin along those lines.

This is what i have done as far as trouble shooting:
unpairing my phone, deleting my phone from sync, changing my phone name, and repairing.
Factory reset of sync, as well as updating my phone to new lollipop release.
tried turning bluetooth on my phone (as well as sync) on and off and switching on and off airplane as well as a dozen restarts.

Very frustrated and driving sucks without my music let me know if anyone has any ideas.

oh yeah tried contacting the dealership about sync updates but the guy seemed to just brush my issues to the side with "well its a 2015 you dont need any updates". if anyone knows otherwise please let me know, thanks!!!
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