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Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Please note that neither settings nor updates have ever been changed on my phones. I have also tried different phones of my friends but still it is not able to see the SYNC.

I believe the main issue is that the bluetooth will not turn on in the SYNC. As I have said, it kept saying "Bluetooth is turn off, turn it on?" And even when I select "Yes", it will keep displaying this message.
Note that tt was working for more than a month since I bought my Ford Escape 2015.

By the way, how do I know the the version of my SYNC software? Likewise, when I tried to register in the owner ford website to check for software updates, it gives an error message invalid VIN when I key in the VIN of my vehicle.
Do you know where I can download the latest version of the SYNC software?

Hope to hear from you soon again and thanks in advance for the assistance.

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