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Originally Posted by christianbiggs5555 View Post
Has anyone else tried a DVD? I have the SE with the Sony head unit, "My Ford Sync" I think they call it The salesman told me that the CD player in my car is actually a DVD player and if in Park will play DVD movies.
I tried it and it didn't work. It takes in the DVD and spins for 15 seconds and then spits it back out with some sort of a read error message.
Audio CD's work fine.
, with NAV.

I play DVD movies all the time in mine. However, it takes a portable DVD player hooked into the composite video/audio hookup (yellow, red, white) in the center console.
I haven't tried it but I suppose you could play movies off a SD card or USB drive, too.

This is kind of hijacking the thread...ought to be in another thread by itself....

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