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anyone use the touch function of MFT screen?

Just wondering if anyone actually uses the touch functions available on the My Ford Touch screen, or do you prefer to use the "old fashioned" knobs to adjust climate, radio, and use Sync for the phone? I found I prefer the simplicity of eyes on the road, hands working by touch to adjust the settings.
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I use both, depending on the mood

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I'm a touchy-feely kinda guy, so yes.
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All of these systems are a terrible distraction. Even my base version sync is more complex and non-ergonomic than it should be.
Every other vehicle I have owned has had a plain simple radio. You could blindly select stations, adjust volume, etc., without thinking or taking your eyes and mind off the road - this is not so with these "modern" systems.
While I'm not an advocate of government intervention, these modern infotainment systems need to be looked into by the NHTSA, and appropriate actions need to be taken to regulate their design and use.
These systems can easily command more driver attention than the road itself.
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Originally Posted by Mike134 View Post
Just wondering if anyone actually uses the touch functions available on the My Ford Touch screen, or do you prefer to use the "old fashioned" knobs to adjust climate, radio, and use Sync for the phone? I found I prefer the simplicity of eyes on the road, hands working by touch to adjust the settings.
Sparingly, but yes. Voice commands are better for directly accessing an item in a list, such as the name of a person to call, or the name of a song or album on an iPod or other USB source. But MFT is generally better for accessing a list itself, if you need to browse. MFT also can be faster for some simple operations. Tapping the on-screen Pause button is faster than pulling the steering wheel control, waiting for "Please say a command," then saying, "Pause."

If it's MFT controls vs. physical knobs, dials, or buttons, however, the hard controls almost always win. E.g., climate controls. But sometimes MFT is helpful for providing a quick snapshot of overall system status.

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I rarely use the touch screen. I use the hard buttons/knobs for climate and I use the voice-recognition for radio/music.
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I use a mix of MFT, knobs, voice, steering wheel, depending on the function. Climate control is knobs only. Radio is turned on/off with the push button, but controlled by MFT, voice or controls on the steering wheel, just depends. It's neat having options.

Since we can now tap been anywhere on a quadrant instead of just corners, like before the big update, it's easier. I don't think my eyes are off the road any longer with MFT than with knob controls (like glancing over to increase temp), but if in traffic, not using anything until safe works.
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True, I keep going at it to where most of my movements are muscle memory
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Lightbulb All Of The Above

Great thread that goes directly to the heart of MFT and how Ford is changing how we interact with our vehicles going foward.

IMHO the thing Ford does best is to offer customers choices: u like big buttons and knobs? my 2014 titanium Escape has a very functional button/knob controls for media; want to talk to ur car? we got that, SYNC will work with u to allow u to control a remarkable amount of in vehicle functions using nothing more than your voice.

is there a learning curve? u betcha! and its too darned steep right now for a lot of folks. so my answer is dont be just a 'buttons only' or 'voice only' user, find that happy balance that works for u. there are so many things that the system is capable of doing that u may wonder how u ever got along without it

for myself i almost never hit any physical buttons except to select a particular quadrant on the MFT touchscreen. usually to switch it to the Media screen when i 1st get in my Escape. after that its 90% steering wheel buttons and or voice for climate;station or input change and phone calls.

Ford most definately did NOT create this to make ur life harder(even though i do wonder at times ) dont be afraid to 'play' with your new system is my advice for what its worth. i apologise for the long rant but this is obviously a subject that hits a nerve for me

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I use them, but carefully when in motion, and Ford does limit the super distracting ones from use while moving. I also use them on the rare occassion when I am a passenger in my own car....when someone else is luck enough to drive it.

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