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Can radio be upgraded to satellite?

It was possible to dealer-swap the radio in my Dodge Caliber to a factory radio with satellite radio and included the installation of the factory satellite radio antenna and I'm wondering if my basic AM/FM/Sync radio in my 2013 Escape S can be replaced by an AM/FM/Sync/Satellite radio? I know there isn't a 'Sirius' button on the dash but I can live with that since one of the existing buttons would take on that function (I can tell because the satellite radio buttons number the same as the buttons for the non-satellite radio so one of the other buttons assumes the function of the button that switches to satellite function).
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You will still need the receiver and antenna built in, which is normally factory.. You may have better luck with a plug in play at this point.
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Yes, swap the radio with one with the built in radio. Antenna and wiring harness may be needed too.

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wondering the same thing...would like to do the same thing in the future but would rather it be swapped than plug and play option...might have to call the dealer on this one...
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Don't be so sure that one of the buttons would start working for the satellite. All the newer cars are CAN based and behave more like a computer network. The button might look the same and be in the same spot but could have a different address.

Your best bet is probably a local car audio store - Best Buy 'might' work but they've been generally pretty awful on figuring out how the new stuff works in my experience. Look for a good car audio shop that specializes in car audio. The local shop to me also does remote start kits if you don't already have one of those.
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I agree with going to a reputable audio shop. It is a safer bet over "Best Buy Audio"

They could try to retrofit a XM radio unit in the car or maybe even get it to work with the stock unit.
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I believe like the onyx radio, its fed thru the 12v instead of the fm transmitter or being hardwired.
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