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mnlauzon 08-13-2013 08:44 AM

Did some reading and it seems like the general consensus is this

-max flow, best performance
-requires oiling (all aFe oiled intakes and filters come with a recharge kit good for 2-3 uses)
-not as high filtration as dry

-maximum filtration
-easier maintenance, no oil
-less air flow

Personally I'd just stick with an air. Don't need to bother with oiling. Plus I replace my filter every year. A clean filter is better than a dirt filter regardless of which kind of filter it is! :D

Plus I honestly feel like the power difference between the two is probably not even measurable.

socal_jayo 10-23-2013 10:58 PM

Found more high performance filters by COBB, Green Filter USA, & ITG:

Blue: Cobb High Performance Cylindrical Air Filter - Ford Focus / Escape 201

Grey: http://www.fswerks.com/collections/f...cape-2012-2013

Green: http://www.fswerks.com/collections/f...cape-2012-2013

Pro (Foam): http://www.fswerks.com/collections/f...ducts/15bh-262

SRG963 10-24-2013 08:33 AM


Amsoil Ea Filters are one, if not the best, dry filters.

And, if the filter is exposed to the elements, grab a hyperbolic sock ;)

bbgunner 11-10-2013 12:36 PM

2 Attachment(s)
I installed the K & N cone filter as well on my vehicle and I just left the lip off. I also used a plastic strap to hold it in place. Because this vehicle uses a cone filter you do not need to put the top back on to still filter the air. Here is what mine looks like.

bbgunner 11-12-2013 08:56 AM

Everyone is saying that the K & N filter will not fit or is the wrong size??? I got mine when I got the Livernois tune and it fits perfect. The K & N number is E-2993. Not sure what number filter you have been trying but this one seems to be a direct replacement and fits right into the lower lip as well. It went right on with no problems. If you just want a little more power or more intake noise just remove the lid and run a strap across the filter to hold it in the lower lip. That way no oil contamination (if that is your worry). I have used K & N filters on all my cars and never had a problem with any of them but then again that is just my experience. I assume you know the new filters come pre-oiled so don't add more. That is only for when you clean them. You can see the pictures of my filter install in the above reply.

ALRUI 01-20-2016 01:00 AM

I am running K&N's in several vehicles old & new & no issues whatsoever with oiling and damaged anything (dont over oil when servicing them!). As far as the fitment issues mentioned again I have not had issues BUT I have not purchased one for the 2014 1.6l so I cant comment on that. I think the K&N CAI would be the way to go on this motor but I'll wait for the warranty to expire before putting that on.

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