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JohnCyr 02-20-2014 07:14 AM


Originally Posted by Elf911 (Post 190346)
Nice vid and I have the same color. Any issues with leaving the box open?


Originally Posted by CND_Escape (Post 190730)
It's got a nice sound. I have a K&N but keep the air box cover on. I can still hear a faint whooshing sound when letting up on the gas pedal. Sound seems louder when in Sport mode.

FYI, yes. the vid was taken with the box open! Shouldve mentioned. I dont foresee any problems leaving the box open, providing there is no water able to get in. Ive had Cold Air intakes before and never had an issue. K&N sell one for the 2.0L focus without a top box as well...But I still decided to close mine up as normal.. I still hear the blow off valve quite well.The filter is a really tight fit when closing the box back up.

whitricobra 03-11-2014 02:56 PM

You can leave the lid off if you prefer. Most cold air kits always have an open filter style element. I've used these back on my 95 Mustang GT back in 2000, all the other Mustangs, Lightnings and so forth. When at a red light or traffice, you will get a higher IAT but once you get back to driving again, the IAT's will lower back down. With my green filter, i have the lid off and it's been this way for around 2 months now. It will get a little dirty quicker vs with lid on, but that's no biggy.

With the green filter or any filter where the end is opened up, you can put the lid back on and here more of a whoosh sound vs no open end filter, box lid on.

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