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Remote Start Range

my 2013 FE Titanium has the smart key with the remote start button.
As I understand it, the remote start feature works from 325 feet away as long as the doors are locked.

on our Escape, the remote can lock the car from a relatively far distance (I wouldnt say its 300 ft, more like 100-150 feet).

The problem is that the remote start only seems to work from about 50 feet away. (kinda defeats the purpose of remote start)

Anyone else noticing this? I dont think its a battery issue in my keyfob because locking/unlocking seems to work from a much greater distance than remote starting.
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Weird how locking/unlocking works from a greater distance than remote starting. maybe it's the receiver on the remote starter unit? I would suggest going into the dealership and seeing what they say and will do about it. While you're their you should try using the remote starting feature on another Escape.
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I don't know about the locking vs starting but I have read of many complaints of the remote start having poor range. This is something OEM starters need to improve. The aftermarket ones have insane range.
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Key FOB's interfered with by after market electronics

I dont have a remote start but my regular locking distance has a max range of 25 ft or so, at most times and some times it works great from as long as I care to use it from, over 100's of feet. I have a 2014 Escape that I have been back & forth to the dealer with as well as pulling my hair out at work & at home. I read in other forums where people swore that their issuer were caused by their USB phone chargers generating noise and interfering with the FOB signal. this sounded like nonsense but I was willing to try anything. The funniest part is that through cable yanking, my USB phone charger gets pulled out of the console socket from time to time and the next time I happen to take note of the FOB working from a distance, it "miraculously" works and I have no explanation because time may have passed since the USB charger was unplugged. I then, at a later time/date, plug the charger in to charge the phone only to have the FOB only work at short distances again the next time I notice it. I never put 2 + 2 together because the two actions were never within a short span of time from each other. After reading this thread, I parked at work this morning and with the charger plugged in, I began stepping backwards from the vehicle until the key would no longer work. This was about 25 ft or so. I then unplugged it and I made it to the front door of my office building, approximately 75 yards away, and was still able to make the horn go off by double pressing the lock button. I was convinced at that point.
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Thank you Ranmaniac!

I had two expensive issues appear this week:
(1) Both remote fobs only working when right beside the car.
(2) A persistent TPMS "Tire Pressure Monitoring System Fault" warning.

Was all set to go to the dealer and open my wallet when I saw your post. (TPMS uses radio waves too, it appears)

Anyway, you rock!

Here's the "Just Wireless" brand USB charger I bought at Marshall's. It was cheap. Figures!

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hold it under ur chin and do it, this will increase the range of the remote.
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Confirmed. I just went out and removed the USB charger from my 2014 Escape, the remote start now works from the 5th floor across the parking lot. How 'bout that!

2014 Ford Escape Titanium AWD 2.0l
ex 2006 Five Hundred SEL
ex 2002 Taurus SE

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Originally Posted by skizzo81 View Post
hold it under ur chin and do it, this will increase the range of the remote.
lol,...this actually works well in parking garages.
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