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Why did you buy your Escape? Buying decision.

I did a lot of shopping before buying my 2016 Escape. Here's some of my reasoning for my purchase.

I looked closely at Honda. Bad news about engine vibrations kept me away from the CR-V. I also looked at the HR-V. It was very small, under powered, made in Mexico and dealers were still asking for list price.

Considered the Forester and the Crosstrek. They were a bit utilitarian. Engine oil use horror stories also kept me away from Subaru.

I never entertained GM and Chrysler products because of bad styling and reliability.

The Toyota RAV4 seemed nice but lacked driving appeal.

Nissan and Mazda had nothing there that excited me.

The bottom line for me was the Escape. The styling is great. The ride and handling are exceptional. Build quality is excellent. The interior is well appointed with high quality finishes. It's made in America which is something I still value. The year end deal I got on price was fantastic.

That was some of my thought process for my decision. What did you consider?
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South Side Mike
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Aside from flatout ignoring anything GM related due to past experiences, my selection process was fairly simple.

1. Do I fit in the vehicle? I'm 6'6" so what me knees end up bumping into, if I can ever get the rear mirror adjusted right, do I still have decent visibility, etc. matters.
2. Does the seat make my back feel uncomfortable?

Just those alone eliminated about half the comparable models out there, mostly because the door handle/arm-rest for some reason on so many vehicles is designed with a sharper angle on the edge that jabs me in the knee. The escape, hyundai tuscon, and a couple others simply didn't have that issue and had comfortable seats.

Then in no particular order a balance of features, price, power, cargo space, and so on(assuming research didn't reveal transmission related horror stories like the stuff from Jeep, vibration issues like Honda, and so on). In the end I was split between the ford escape and the hyundai tuscon and the deciding factor is going to sound silly... but here it goes.

I didn't want another black car because keeping it looking decent is a nightmare. White, silver, and gray are boring. On most vehicles, brown makes them look like a shiny giant turd. Red and orange I'm kinda "meh" about. Basically I wanted something in possibly a beige, more like a blue or green(green being a rarity from the factory these days). The carribean blue on the hyundai looks nice on the website...(the mojave sand also doesn't look too bad on the website photos) but in person it was handicapped parking sign blue. The website makes it look like this dynamic possibly pearl metallic paint job or something. In person it looks completely different(the photos on hyundai's website are terrible representations of the vehicle colors). I was already leaning toward the ford anyway, but that basically sealed the deal.
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Originally Posted by southsidemike View Post
That was some of my thought process for my decision. What did you consider?

All the reasons you state were considered along the way. But in the end, mine was more about economics.

I was driving a 2007 BMW X5, loaded to the gills, eight cylinder SAV. Awesome vehicle, well made, wonderful to drive, but it averaged only about 15MPG around town. It had 80K miles on it, and was starting to make the notorious sounds a BMW makes before needing some very expensive repairs. (I had done that with a previous X5, and I wasn't prepared to go through it again.) I drive only about 8000 miles a year, and only drive about two miles to work each day. The X5 wasn't even warmed up by the time I got to work - a waste of a great car.

I knew if I kept the X5 for another five years till my retirement, I'd have likely spent those thousands on BMW repairs, and I'd end up with a 13-year-old BMW with 120K miles on it. Financially, not a great prospect when entering retirement.

After looking at several vehicles, of which the Subaru Outback was the most interesting choice after the others you named were ruled out, I took a look at the Escape. All the things you named were right there, and the fuel economy was roughly twice what I was getting with the BMW. A local dealer (non-Ford) that I know and trust had a lease return 2015 loaded Titanium with only a few months' use and extremely low miles on it, and offered it to me for well below normal retail. It was a no-brainer for me, and I brought mine home last August.

In five years when I retire, I'll now have a 5-year-old great car to own, with less than 50K miles on it, and a lot less expensive to repair. Since I'll have owned it for the last two+ years of its warranty period, I'll know exactly where the car has been, and what has been done with/to it. Win-win for me.


2015 Escape Titanium 4WD
2.0L Eco -- Magnetic Metallic -- Charcoal Black Leather
Equipment Group 300A -- Canadian Touring Package (Power Panorama Roof, My Ford Touch, Sirius, Nav) Trailer Towing, Class II -- Build Date 11/10/2014
Mods/Add-ons: Liftgate Spoiler, Splashguards, Weatherbeater floor liners, Shark Fin antenna, Remin Dash Kit, Novatek A118C Dash Cam, Roof Rack Crossbars
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I was looking for something 4wd that gets better mileage then my f-250.
17-18 mpg is fairly common with 4wds and 20 - 30 seemed to get my attention.
My wife has a 2003 Subaru but it doesn't get the millage I wanted but would do for crossing the mountain often. Being a Ford guy The Escape caught my interest. So far no regrets with 34,000
I never looked at any other brands.

2015 Escape SE 4WD Deep Impact blue Metallic
2.0l Ecoboost, 201A, se convenience package, Myford Touch/Nav, DEATC, Charcoal black, Leather comfort, Heated seats, Leather wheel, Power Heated Mirrors, reverse sensing, perimeter alarm, panorama roof, Roof rack cross bars Trailer towing class ll ,18"PVD/Crome, wheels Splash guards, All weather mats, Cargo area protection, 25 mpg


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My 2007 Jeep Compass needed expensive from end work that I wasn't willing to pay. I knew I didn't want a GMC or another Chrysler product. We where set on getting a new Explorer, but I couldn't justify using such a big vehicle as my daily commute vehicle (40 km to and from work). I love the look of the Escapes, and it was much cheaper than the Explorer. The dealer also offered me a good price to trade in my Compass. I think it was about 3 days from when I started looking to when I had the FE.

2014 Ruby Red Titanium 2.0 AWD
401A, Technology, Sony w/nav, 19" Wheels, Tonneau cover

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I bought mine bc I wanted a safer/bigger ride from my old Toyota and was sick of my Yota bein recalled every other day

"I am the Nightrider. I'm a fuel injected suicide machine. I am the rocker, I am the roller, I am the out-of-controller!"

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I bought mine, because:
1. I've had two others and both were great vehicles. I had two other fords previous to that and had good luck, so this is my 5th. So far, no regrets.
2. size is perfect for us
3. I like the power and economy of the 2.0l eco
4. Like the styling and features
5. Ford dealer has been great for making deals for me, so I got it at a good price and was a new build, so exactly what I ordered....

2016 FWD Ford Escape SE
Deep Impact Blue
2.0l EcoBoost
Equipment Group 201A

build date 2015-08-05

From: 2012 V6 FWD XLT w/Sync (no MFT) - 86,000 Km
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I no particular order

1. Towing for the size of vehicle, most other SUV this size towed less
2. AWD
3. Comfort
4. Reliability
5. SYNC 3
6. Two row seating
7. Cost

2016 Escape
2.0L, 301A, Can Touring, Towing
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2 words: panoramic sunroof. i had wanted one for a while. i love the styling. new ones were too expensive for me and i found mine at an incredible price so i hopped on it. also not a fan of anything comparable for the price.
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I really just wanted a 2 year old hatchback, but the available used hatchbacks in my area where mostly limited to the Ford Focus. The Focus didn't seem to have any official towing capacity, though it probably COULD have towed my small sailboat.

I then switched to looking at used crossovers, I didn't want a big classic SUV, didn't want a truck.

After test driving 4-5 different makes, I narrowed it down to the CX-5 as my first choice, and the Escape as my second choice (VERY similar cars, honestly). Both drove more like cars then trucks, both had very respectable reviews & reliability ratings.

Fact of the mater is, 2 year old used CX-5's are a rarity in my area, but I found something like 15-20 used Escapes that meet my base criteria. That popularity meant there were a lot on the market & I'd get a good price on the car, I'd have no trouble finding parts or getting service in my area.

So, entirely pragmatic.
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