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I don't have pictures of it, because who in their right mind takes pictures of a 1989 S-10 Blazer?

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2002 Honda Shadow Sabre 1100

I can't keep things OEM...
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My First Car. (Couldn't find a picture of it. So here is one from online that looked like it)

1998 Audi A4

I had two 12" Subs in the trunk. After market speakers through-out.

Man do I miss that thing sometimes. I ran it to about 195K miles. Needed a timing belt work and other work on it done; would of cost more than the car was worth.
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2014 Ford Escape, 2.0 Titanium, 4WD, Tuxedo Black, Build Date 4/23/14
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No picture of my 1956 Ford Victoria, unfortunately that car ended up in a destruction derby, sad way to go.
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2014 Titanium 2.0
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I bought my first car when I was a sophomore in college for $650. It was a 1966 tartan red MGB roadster built by British Leyland Motor Corp. The car was only a few years old and already had a good amount of rust and some trans problems, but I had to have it.

This car was fun to drive when I could drive it. It was the most unreliable car I have owned, constant clutch, trans, and engine problems, and those SU carbs. It had wire wheels with knockoff spinners on splined shafts that were a b**** to get off. It had a positive ground system with 2-6V batteries in series under the ledge behind the back seat. To put the top up or down was almost a 2 man, totally manual, job. You had to unfold the top's metal struts, put them in metal brackets and snap the vinyl top on. This took about 15 minutes. It was a 4 speed manual with a non-synchronous 1st gear, lots of double clutching.
After it blew a head gasket I junked it.

No pics of it the actual car have survived, but here's a few I found that are identical to my MGB.

An MGB ad from the early 70s. My parents tried to talk me out of buying the car. I should have listened to them.

2014 Ingot Silver Escape SE FWD, 2.0L, panorama roof, no roof rails
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While I was a student at Purdue back in the late 1970s my Dad decided to end the five hour roundtrip of dropping me off and picking me up from college. He wasn't going to spend more than $1000 on the car, and he had a business contact who ran a used car lot, so I was given the choice of two cars that fit the criteria: a 1971 AMC Gremlin or a 1969 Opel Manta. I, of course, wanted the Manta because it had a stick and looked like something from a Gerry Anderson TV show. Since Dad was buying, it was the Gremlin, in a pumpkin orange. Of course, he didn't realize that the Gremlin was a sleeper, equipped with a 3.8 L straight-six instead of the pokey-but-economical I4. I was burning rubber in no time!

I may have a picture buried somewhere in the archives, but thanks to Google Image search, here's a 1972 AMC Gremlin from Europe:
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2014 Escape Titanium, 1.6L FWD, 401A, 18" wheels
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Originally Posted by catch22 View Post
My first car was this 1966 Ford Cortina that I bought from my mom in 1971 for the princely sum of $400. She had talked my dad into buying her the 1968 Mustang that's in the background so this car became redundant. I only had this car for about a year; it was in the shop way too often and I finally got fed up with it. It got great mileage (low 30s) but took about a week to get up to freeway speeds.
That blows me away! My 3rd car was a 1967 Cortina GT, with the 2 barrel side-draft Weber. It had lots of power and got as much as 34 MPG. I bought it for $300 because the guy selling it thought it needed a new carb. I ordered a rebuild kit from the local MG dealer and after it came from the UK I rebuilt it in a couple of hours. And got in trouble for boiling it out in my mother's favorite soup pot. I also won the British week car rally in it in 1970 (San Francisco). Ended up totaling it at age 19, still have the scar from surgery.

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Cool 49 Ford 2 door sedan

Well mine was a 1949 Ford 2 door sedan. Back then I worked part time at an ESSO gas station for $1.00/hour so I didn't own a camera so the picture came from a Google search and mine was a much deeper green. Funny thing, I paid $300.00 for it when I was 15 1/2 and only kept it 6 months until I got my drivers license. I traded it in on a 1955 Ford convertible like the one in the other picture. I was dating a girl whose Dad worked a the local Ford dealer so I got a great buy. The only problem was that 2 days before I was supposed to pick up the 1955, I was pulling kids on a sled after a snow storm (yes it does snow in Lynchburg, VA) and slid on the snow and knocked down a mail box with the left front fender. I took the car into the ag shop at school the next day and we did the best we could to repair it. (BTW, it looked like a sack of walnuts) Matched the paint as best we could and drove threw every mud puddle I could find to hide the damage. I waited until the dealer was ready to close before I took it in and parked out back. Got my '55 and off I went. The next day my girl friend said that her father wouldn't her see me again because of the damage. Oh well, spring was just around the corner and the drop top '55 was a chick magnet. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. First mod was a continental kit and second mod was to wire the OD to a switch for drag racing. Oh, those were the days circa 1956/1957
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File Type: jpg 55 Ford convertible.jpg (8.3 KB, 17 views)
File Type: jpg 49 Ford 2 door sedan.jpg (8.9 KB, 16 views)

American by birth-Virginian by the grace of God

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You can also find this in my picture "garage" but this was my 2001 Ford Focus ZX3. Spent more money on it then I should have but it was a great learning experience and some of my best times of my life were with or in this car. I miss her but if anyone has a Carfax I could use I would really want to know what happened to her. Thanks!

I bought her as my project car. Started out with all bolts on (headers, intake, exhaust, pulley, and tune) and it made about 130 HP/130 TQ to the ground (started with 130/130 from the crank). Later added a Procharger supercharger and the number jumped to 200 HP/190 TQ to the ground. I also had a overboost pulley and a front mount intercooler which I never installed. I guess I would have ended up with 230-240 HP and 200 TQ with those mods.

Don't think the car was only fast in a straight line since it also had Ford Racing's suspension set on it along with a Steeda rear sway bar. It was a veteran autocrosser and track star wannabe. Haha...

Quarter Mile Times:
Stock: 16.7
Modded Naturally Aspirated: 15.8
Supercharged: 14.4 (only reached once averaged 14.7)

2013 Deep Impact Blue Ford Escape SE: 2.0 Liter Ecoboost AWD| Exterior: Replica Ford Kuga Rear Wing, Ford Mud Flaps, 18" Factory Ford Focus ST Rims| Interior: Custom Engine Cover by Carsonfire45, Weathertech Floor Liner| Engine: Steeda "Cold Air" Intake, CX Racing Front Mount Intercooler, Denso Iridium ITV22 "One Step Colder" Sparkplugs, Turbosmart Kompact Plumb Blowoff Valve, SCTX3 tune by Torrie From Unleashed Tuning| Future Plans: Magnaflow Exhaust System| Power Goals: 280 HP/340 Torque
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My first was a 1981 Lada 1600 aka VAZ 2106, Soviet version (read knockoff) of Fiat 124 Special. Was in production from 1978 to 2001. Manual everything.
I don't have a picture of it of course, but it looked exactly like this:
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File Type: jpg lada 2106a.jpg (115.9 KB, 12 views)

2014 Ford Escape SE AWD 2.0L
SE Convenience Package
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1976 green Toyota Corolla. This is a picture of another one same color. I learned to drive however in my girlfriend's pumkin orange Ford Pinto.

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