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My auto stop/start is no longer not working...

I have a new 2017 Escape SE with the 1.5l engine (build date 6/16) with a problem that it looks like many of you would be jealous of. When I bought the car, the auto stop/start worked as advertised. It was mid-summer with the outside temp at 100f+, and the AC set to 74f. So I know that the stop/start will function even with the AC on and high temperatures outside.

Now, approximately 1 month into ownership the auto stop/start does not function at all at any time even in early morning or late evening when the temperature is lower than he AC setting. The grayed out setting does show on the dash when it should come on. There are no other issues with the car or warning lights of concern on the dash.

I did install a Curt hitch mount and about a week later the lighting kit. I was nowhere near the engine or other electronics or vacuum lines (yes, I read the manual to see what the stop/start criteria are). I have gone back over the installation areas and cannot see any pitched/damaged lines or any problems (it was an easy installation).

I’m a grocery getting, kid driving kind of guy so maximum fuel economy is kind of important to me, so I would like to fix this if possible.
Any advice on how to troubleshoot this problem would be appreciated. No service actions are noted in the online/maintenance “My Ford” account, not even the window reprogramming recall.
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You have a brand new Escape, just have the dealer fix it!

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My concern is that the dealer would say I caused the issue somehow by installing the aftermarket parts/hitch. This is my first new car, I have heard stories about how they look any reason do deny possible claims.
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You can either fix it yourself, or take it to the dealer and he will either fix it for you or you can fix it yourself. I'm not trying to be a smartass, but you're not thinking straight. If you did nothing that would have affected the problem, you shouldn’t hesitate to hold Ford accountable. Do the dealer thing.
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I guess I just needed that kick in the right direction. Thanks.
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My auto stop/start is no longer not working...

There is a screen in the driver cluster that shows info on the start/stop status and shows a message indicating why the start/stop isn't engaged. Perhaps check there and see what it says.

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Maybe I read the title wrong but if it is no longer not working then that means that it is now working? Anyway if not working check to see if the button on the center console is pressed or if Max AC is on or if the transmission is in Sport. All will not allow the stop/start feature to work.

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The auto stop/start is c\not current;y working at all. The dash will illuminate a grayed out icon when it should come on.

Under the information tab on the instrument cluster it say auto start/stop only, not on or off.

My center console button is off and I can function on (meaning that it illuminates that start/stop is off). I don't drive in sport mode.

I do drive with the AC on (it is still hot here) but not on Max AC. I have also tried driving at night/early morning with no AC to test that hypothesis.

I have not gone back to the dealer simply due to the fear that they would say that I added non OEM equipment to my car that "could have" caused the problem (but I can not see how it could have). I will talk to the dealer for an appointment on Tuesday.
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I have a 17 that just started doing the same thing, Worked fine in the heat of summer here in NY but now with the cool mornings and evenings it's stopped working I'm do for service in 2000 miles so I'll have it looked at then. I haven't looked into it yet but saw this thread while looking into installing a sub in my SE and thought I'd comment.
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From page 133 in the owners manual:

Enabling Auto StartStop
The system is automatically enabled every time you start your vehicle if the following conditions are met:
• The Auto StartStop button is not pressed (not illuminated).
• Your vehicle exceeds an initial speed of 3 mph (5 km/h) after the vehicle has been initially started.
• Your vehicle is stopped.
• Your foot is on the brake pedal.
• The transmission is in drive (D).
• The driver's door is closed.
• There is adequate brake vacuum.
• The interior compartment has been cooled or warmed to an acceptable level.
• The front windshield defroster is off.
• The steering wheel is not turned rapidly or is not at a sharp angle.
• The vehicle is not on a steep road grade.
• The battery is within optimal operating conditions (battery state of charge and temperature in range).
• The engine coolant is at operating temperature.
• Elevation is below approximately 10,000 ft (3,048 m).
• Ambient temperature is moderate.

Maybe one or more of these conditions aren't being met?
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