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New Member and Owners Introductions

Are you new to our Ford Escape forum or just purchased a Ford Escape? Post up an introduction to yourself , and meet new members/Owners in this section
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Ford Escape General Discussion

Please post any Ford Escape related questions that do not fit another category in this section.
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Ford Escape Versus the Competition

Ask questions about what the Ford Escape is like versus its competition. A great place for new car buyers to find out more about the Escape.
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Ford Escape Dealers & Pricing

In the market for a Ford Escape? This is the forum to discuss what price you will pay, and what dealer you will buy from.
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4th Generation Escape (2020+)
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4G Ford Escape News

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4G TSBs and Recalls

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4G DIY Garage

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4G Exterior and Interior

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3rd Generation Escape (2013-2019)

3G Ford Escape News

News and Reviews for the 2013+ Ford Escape. Only Administrators may create new threads in this section.
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3G Engine and Technical Discussion

Discussion of the Ford Escape Engine, Transmission, and Drivetrain.
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3G Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension

Discuss about wheels, tires, brakes, and suspension for your Ford Escape.
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3G TSBs and Recalls

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3G DIY Garage

Learn how to do it yourself and help teach others. This area will help guide you on how to modify and maintain your Ford Escape!
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3G Exterior and Interior

This section contains exterior/interior questions and information related to your Ford Escape
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3G Ford Escape Reviews

Write a review of your Ford Escape here for everyone to read! Be sure to detail what you love, what you don't like, and what changes you would make!
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3G Electronics, Audio, and Lighting

Anything electrical including: Security, Remote Start, MFT, Sync and GPS
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3G Brochures & Ownership Literature

Ford Escape User manuals, Owner's guide, Diagrams, Brochures and Ownership handbooks.
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3G Ford Escape Pictures & Videos

Got some great images or videos of your Ford Escape? Feel free to post them in this section.
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Ford Escape Classified Forum

This section contains items you have to sell.
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Escape Parts

FS, FT, WTB: Ford Escape parts ONLY
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New 2013+ Escape Vehicle Sales

This section is for Buying or Selling the Ford Escape vehicle as a whole!
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FS, FT, WTB: For anything and everything NON-ESCAPE related
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Vendor Member Section

Vendor Deals

This forum is for all Vendor deals, special sales, and product announcements happening on the forums. Supporting Vendors ONLY!
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Forum Information & Help

Events and Meets

Post any Ford Escape related events, or meets you may be having. Get out and enjoy the cars you love!
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Off Topic

Other Vehicle Discussion

For any discussions of other makes and models not related to the Ford Escape
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  1. Other Vehicle Discussion
    Hey guys... long time no see! Not much going on in Escape land for me. My wife has a 2014 Focus with the DCT... it has been mostly fine after the 3rd reprogram/replacement a couple years ago. It recently started developed a shudder again so we brought it in, thinking it was the same issue...
  2. Hi all, Vehicle background: 2013 Escape SE 2.0 with 103k miles. Drives great and has been taken very good care of since I acquired it at 28k miles. Never missed an oil change and it gets a multipoint inspection at every oil chance. Only issues I've ever had was replacing the CV axle a few...
  3. Vehicle broke down in rural Texas, no Ford dealerships within my towing range, and had to replace the engine (which runs great now), but when I got the car back from the mechanic the IPC and the SYNC display were not functioning properly. Some of the time they are just blank, other times they...
  4. New Member and Owners Introductions
    Hi All, Just joined a few days ago. Just had the new escape for a week or so now. Slapped some thule cross bars on it and my 1up bike carriers. Enjoying it so far. Will be doing a lot of gravel roads with this rig. Just a short jaunt so far on washboard and was impressed how it...
  5. New Member and Owners Introductions
    Love the vehicle and its features. Its a Sedona Orange. Great gas mileage.
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