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  • Jorge Rodriguez ·
    How you doing? I was reading a thread and if Iam understanding correctly i can just swap a apim with no navi to one with navi and it would work? any info will be appreciated thanks
    waverunner10 ·


    do you think it would be a good idea to at least pull the fill plug and clean off the magnet??
    what size torx do I need??
    will a socket fir in there?
    what did you use?
    I am not going to drill a drain hole.

    David Pramik waverunner10
    Carsonfire45 ·
    Hey my friend, I was searching for custom ford emblems and your thread came up. I'd like to see the front of your car and back if possible so I can see the custom gingerale emblem. I'm undecided if I want to do the front one in black or ginger ale, and the rear one in ginger ale. The blue oval has got to be the most hideous emblem on the market. Thanks for your help!
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