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  • wiz043 ·
    If possible just change it to wiz043 from john waugh....thanks David.
    murcod · ·
    Okay, I've sent a message to the Admin person to get it changed. I'm not sure how long it will take.... Let me know if it hasn't been done in 3-4 days and I'll chase it up.
    wiz043 ·
    Hi mate...do you know of any way I can change my profile name (not avatar) on this site to something ambigious please? When I joined I must have mucked it up somehow.
    murcod · ·
    Hi John,
    I might be able to do it. I can get in to edit your profile and there's an option for "Custom Title" which is currently blank, changing that might make that name your new username?
    Let me know what you want it changed to and I'll try it. If that doesn't work I'll raise it higher and get one of the site admins to look into it.
    murcod · ·
    Actually that doesn't work- it just adds on another name below your existing username. Let me know what you want it changed to and I'll raise higher for an Admin.
    PaulOinMA ·
    Hi. He is over-moderating the site. I am a moderator at, admittedly, a tame site. I see moderating as staying out of the way and contributing when necessary or helpful. His constant wrist-slapping is out-of-control. He deleted a post of mine and IM-ed me that it was not on topic in his opinion. I asked the original poster a question, for heaven's sake. He has denied that he does that. Cheers!
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