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Tri-platinum White pearl.
Fully loaded Except 19 inch rims
I already own an out of this world custom 1995.5 Rare body Eagle Talon TSI AWD I'm finishing up now and will be selling plus I have a custom 2007 Z1000 with under 6000 miles on it. Neither of those could fit my huge mastiff(cane corso) Looked at RS was going to order one I had the pleasure of driving in europe early. I recommend it unless u have dogs or kids. So Now I want to make my dog capable escape one mean fast great handling monster.

Planing a big custom build to make my escape more mainly and trackable while having the ability to raise and lower high via custom coilovers from Ceika, I'm Looking for the European Escape called the kuga, have 6 speed manual transmission for there turbo's and I know the 1.6T and 2.0T benzine ecoboost engines use the same transmission so I want my car to have the look of the 2014 or 2015 swedish car show Ford Kuga Titanium X Beautiful glossy paint which follow through to the trim and slightly more aggressive looking due to the color following through and slight small differences. Is it easier to get any of these parts trans or body in USA because every dealer says no.
2013 Ford Escape (Tri-platinum White pearl.)



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