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  1. HELP!! 2013 Ford Escape SEL 2.0 Dashboard A/C and Tail lights not working

    3G Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    I am new to this forum! I live outside the USA and recently bought a 2013 Ford Escape SEL 2.0 with 54200 miles on it. The car was not in used for around 1+ month and the two tail lights were broken when I bought it, because of this when I first drove it, I had to jumped start the battery. At...
  2. 2016 Ingot Silver Titanium

    New Member and Owners Introductions
    Hey all, first time Ford and SUV owner here. Finally parting ways with my 1999 Grand Prix GTP. Was lucky to find a 2016 yesterday, that had just been delivered to the lot on Thursday. 2015's have deep discounts, but I was set on getting the new Sync 3. I decided it would be nice to have...
  3. Transmission questions...

    3G Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hi folks! I'm getting rid of my 2010 "E" this Friday for a brand new 2015 and I was wondering if the actual transmission is more reliable than the past generation ? I ask this because my 2010 transmission had many recalls and was finally changed at 75,000 km. Now, at 175,000 km it has to be...
  4. Fred from Quebec

    New Member and Owners Introductions
    Hello folks! Glad to be a new member of this forum. I've read a lot of it but just joined in. I currently have a FE 2010 XLT V6 and ordered myself a new 2015 2.0 AWD in Black Tuxedo color! Can't wait >:D See you soon ;) Fred
  5. 2013 Escape 2.0 SEL nothing but problems

    New Member and Owners Introductions
    Hey People, I have had my escape since Sept 2012.... I have had nothing but issues with it. Front Suspension mounts replaced, blower fan replaced, having exhaust issues now, front break problems, loud pop when starting my car when cold more and more stuff just keeps coming up... I have emailed...