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  1. 4G DIY Garage
    It didn't take me long to realize the 2022 Escape had a good bit of "decontenting" after I bought it. So far I've found the following items eliminated on the 2022: Signal Mirrors LED illuminated cupholders LCD readout on temp control dials Manual mode shifting Paddle shifters There is probably...
  2. 4G Exterior and Interior
    Hello, I purchased a brand new Ford Escape 2022 SEL Hybrid (Not Plug In) in May. I recently noticed the silver trim on the automatic window button on the driver door is beginning to peel off. How do I submit a complaint to ford other than by calling? Is there anyway I can take this to a local...
  3. New Member and Owners Introductions
    Great to be in this Forum for Escape Owners. I am a New Owner of 2022 Ford Escape Hybrid SE, trying to network with other owners. Question: there is a small to medium plastic block in my center console that likely holds a 110V AC or Power Point or Both? Is there anyone who knows?
  4. 4G Exterior and Interior
    Is it true that there is no way to turn off the hands free liftgate? I just got a 2022 Escape Titanium Hybrid and my dog has opened the liftgate by simply walking underneath the back bumper... I can just imagine it opening accidentally and hitting something eventually.
  5. 4G Ford Escape General Discussion
    I am considering buying the 2022 Escape Plug-in SEL. I was fascinated by the reviews and decided to go for a test drive. My first impression was good but I could not jump into the buying decision. I have noticed some items and would like to get feedback from previous buyers if this is something...
  6. 4G Battery, Engine and Technical Discussion
    Just bought a brand new 2022 PHEV SEL yesterday. Drove home 7 miles, shut it down no problem. Today, I had to move it down the driveway 10 feet; started no problem, but about 1 second after shutdown there was a very loud jackhammer like rattle. Tried starting and shutting down 2 more times...
  7. Ford Escape Dealers & Pricing
    I'm looking to buy a 2022 Escape, but every one I'm finding has listed on the sticker the Titanium Elite Package and the Panoramic Sunroof, listed and priced separately. But, on Ford's website, it says the Titanium Elite Package includes the sunroof. It seems really fishy, but I worry that in...
1-7 of 7 Results