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  1. Upgrade to get Adaptive Cruise Control

    4G Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    I got a 2020 SE Sport Hybrid earlier this year before the world fell apart, and I was told by the dealer that I was getting Ford Copilot 360 with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) even though I did not get the premium package, as I do not want a sunroof. To probably no one's surprise, I did not get...
  2. Upgrading Existing ACC to "Stop-And-Go"?

    Ford Escape General Discussion
    Hello! I recently bought a 2017 Ford Escape Titanium with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). The 2017 does not have the "Stop-and-Go" feature that the 2018 Ford Escape has. My hour long commute through heavy traffic near Philadelphia NEEDS that "Stop-and-Go"! The 2018 version now stops the car...
  3. First Keyless Entry Vehicle; where's "ACC" (Accessory)?

    Ford Escape General Discussion
    Just picked up my 2013 Escape on 01/31/13. Liking the vehicle so far, but I have a question. In my older 'keyed' ignition vehicle, there was always an "ACC" or Accessory position (or something similar) so that items like the radio, windows, etc. would operate without the engine running. Is...