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  1. 4G Battery Range, Fuel Economy and Gas Discussion
    Dashboard and Ford Pass indicate battery charge at 100% with expected miles to be driven on electric only. When new, our 2022 PHEV Titanium showed 38 miles. Now at 15,000 miles, 100% charge shows 25 miles. Battery degradation?? (Normal?) Battery should be replaced??
  2. 3G Engine and Technical Discussion
    I just had a new battery installed and 2 days later the car won’t even turn over. Lights come on but the car won’t start. after having it towed to my mechanic the AAA driver lost the only key fob i had. Had to have it towed to dealer who told me (after $700 for keys) it would be another $1200...
  3. 3G Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hey, im losing my mind over here, so I have a 2017 Ford Escape S 2.5, and this thing overheated one day turned out the transmission oil cooler failed and had to replace it and did a radiator flush and a transmission flush, now this battery light turned on way back, and I took it to a shop and...
  4. 3G DIY Garage
    Hello. Can a Tickle Battery Charger be connected through the lighter socket of a 2014 Ford Escape? Thanks.
  5. 3G Engine and Technical Discussion
    2013 Titanium 2.0l AWD 77,000 Strange thing happened today. Loaded my kayak on the car, went to start it (push button) and the instrument cluster screen and Sync screen go black. The car is completely dead: key fob doesn't work to lock/unlock, remote start or open the trunk, no interior lights...
  6. Ford Escape General Discussion
    Need help with battery issues, i have replaced the battery management sensor, replaced the battery also did the battery reset, My battery is still dying, i can't find a parasitic draw anywhere.. Anyone have leads on what to check next please!!! Thank you!
  7. 3G Engine and Technical Discussion
    I have a 2016 Escape Titanium with less than 15,000 miles. Twice the car has died after numerous system shutdowns on the display. I have taken the car to the dealership after jump starting the battery. The first time a huge amount of corrosion was found on the positive battery terminal. The...
  8. Ford Escape General Discussion
    So, I went to start up the FE to head into work this morning and apparently the battery is dead (or close enough that the car won't start). Popped the hood, thought about just jumping it off but ultimately decided against it since my office is about 40 miles away and I didn't want to get...
  9. 3G Engine and Technical Discussion
    this saddens me, my 2013 ford escape SEL ecoboost intelligent 4wd with remote start (not sure what the full description of the vehicle is) has had this engine fault service now signal come up more than 5 times last month. it really is embarrassing. imagine you drive your vehicle out, turn it off...
  10. 3G Engine and Technical Discussion
    @FordService Help! I purchased a 2015 Ford Escape last June. Since then, I've had to jump the battery four times...three times within the last three weeks. There is nothing left on. There's nothing that could be draining the battery left in the car. Today I went out and it was completely dead...
  11. 3G DIY Garage
    The owners manual for my 2014 Titanium states "your vehicle is equipped with a Motorcraft maintenance-free battery that does not require the periodic addition of water". The battery in my Escape is a Motorcraft AZ BTX-96R that is NOT maintenance free… it has removable caps for inspection and...
1-11 of 11 Results