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  1. New Member and Owners Introductions
    I recently purchased a Ford Escape Titanium. My first car to buy on my own!? When I took the car for a test Drive it had a Thundercat logo on the display screen. I want to do a lot of camping especially at music festivals! Any advice on what tents that are good for camping in a Escape would be...
  2. New Member and Owners Introductions
    Really excited! I'm in connecticut. I'm going to tow my fiberglass molded camper with her. The dealer had the hitch and 7 pin on for me at closing. She's easy to drive!:)
  3. New Member and Owners Introductions
    This is the only vehicle that can pull my camper in the summer and stow in my garage the rest of the year! I already learned something huge just joining today: I'll need the escape w/o the roof window to support my 2 kayaks. Thanks for that! I was just about to sign the contract!:)
1-3 of 3 Results