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  1. Parasitic drain

    3G Engine and Technical Discussion
    I have read and see something close to my issue. I used an obd2 reader and cleared a code. Then my ford escape 2.0 2014 fwd would not start. Boosted it and ran fine. 12hr later would not start, boast and good. Battery tests with a multi meter show its charging okay. Unplugged the negative, no...
  2. 2.5L Engine in the recent 3G

    3G Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hellooo! I got a 2019 Escape with the 2.5L engine. I am not familiar with that particular engine and curious to hear if any of you have it, what you like and dislike about it, the easiness to work on it when necessary and also if you have encountered any issues? Love my 5.0 and I have my own...
  3. 2015 Titanium Ecoboost AWD Needs engine

    3G Engine and Technical Discussion
    14 months ago I brought my suv to Ford Dealer because it was jerking and I was getting 11 MPG. They said I needed a new transmission and it was around $6800. I did and a few weeks later, I picked it up with new tranny. It was great. Although it never fixed the gas mpg problem. Within a year I...
  4. Weird Engine Ticking Noise and Sounds Like Old Engine

    3G Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hi, I drive a 2014 Escape Titanium. My car got serviced yesterday. Today it was driving like normal until I went out, once I got back into the car to head home, I noticed that as a reverse and slowly creep forward it makes like a high pitched creeking noise and when I am driving and go above...
  5. 2015 Escape 2.0L Ecoboost out of oil - service questions

    3G Engine and Technical Discussion
    Need some advice. My wife has a 2015 Escape SE with the 2.0L Ecoboost that shut down on her the other day on the road. No alarms, warnings, or sputterings, just engine died. I show up to take a look and find that there is oil all over the engine compartment between the block and radiator...
  6. Poor Mileage

    Fuel Economy and Gas Related Discussion
    hi, i am in Canada, so i will include the metric translations. i have a new 2015 Escape Titanium, 2.0L. the odometer is now at about 2,700 kms (1,677 miles). I can only manage to get about 315 kms, (195 miles) out of a tank of gas, 45 litres, (12 gallons). dealership tells me nothing is...
  7. Plastic Burning Smell - Hard Acceleration

    3G TSBs and Recalls
    I have a '17 Ecoboost (1.5L) AWD with 50k miles. Under hard acceleration (4-5k RPM) a faint smell of burning plastic/rubber is present coming from the cabin air vents. The smell dissipates in under a minute and can't be replicated consistently. I've checked for debris under the engine but can't...
  8. Engine or Trans Issue - '13 1.6T

    Ford Escape General Discussion
    Hi All, I have an issue here I need some help with- I've read up on some '13 FE's having serious trans issues, and I'm experiencing some weird stuff, but I don't know if it's actually trans related... First, specs: '13, 1.6T, 114K miles, I'm second owner, bought it at 49K miles, routine...
  9. Engine Cover on EcoBoost Engines

    Ford Escape General Discussion
    I am more about stock performance and the basics that surround making my ride a more enjoyable but also a more stable vehicle. Concerning the engine cover on these Escapes. I know the health of the engine and especially the turbo is heat. Does this cover serve any other purpose outside of a...
  10. 2013 Ford Escape Engine Noise While Accelerating

    3G Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hi all, What is this engine noise that only happens while accelerating on my 2013 Ford Escape? About 91k miles on it. I thought it was the air filter so I checked it out, replaced it, tightened everything back up, but the noise is still there. Anyone heard this noise before? Only happens...
  11. 2017 Escape, S: Tight Engine Compartment?

    3G Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hi folks, I'm a potential-new Escape owner. I've always wanted an Escape, and I'm close to buying one. I've been looking at a 2017 Escape S (absolute base model). Anyway, I test-drove the car last night. All felt fine, especially for a stripped-down, base model. My biggest concern came when...
  12. 2014 Ford Escape won't start

    Ford Escape General Discussion
    Hi, I recently bought a salvage title 2014 ford escape titanium at an auction and I'm fixing it up right now. I can not for the life of me find out what is wrong with the computer system that is not allowing the vehicle to start. I have checked every fuse twice over and this is the push to start...
  13. 2013 Escape Engine seems loud!

    Ford Escape General Discussion
    I just purchased my 2013 Escape SEL w/Eco-Boost, which was a one-owner with approx. 40K miles. Although the mileage seems somewhat high, everything seems to be in great condition & the CarFax showed nothing unusual. One question I do have is this; I realize the car has a turbo, but it, to me...
  14. "lifetime" fuel filter

    3G Engine and Technical Discussion
    So, I recently hit the 25k mark with Serenity, and I mentioned to the tech that I was going to go ahead and change out the fuel filter. I know this was usually a little early, but for the first 20k, Serenity was taking me all over Texas on long trips. So I figured I would just be proactive. The...
  15. Spain?

    Ford Escape General Discussion
    I have been looking at the 2014 Titanium. I didn't check the entire lot, but it seems that the 1.6 engines are from the UK and 2.0's are from Spain? And separately, are any of the, made I the U.S.A? Thanks!
  16. Engine Light

    3G Engine and Technical Discussion
    Today my engine light came on. I pulled over and pulled out the manual. It said if it was in Amber, it was not urgent. I believe the symbol in the book says it means "service engine soon". How urgent do you think this is? I can't decide if I should drive it to work in the morning? Thanks!