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  1. New Member, Cincinnati OH

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    Hello all! I am new to this forum, as the title suggests, however I am a Ford, EcoBoost and focusst.org veteran! My wife purchased a brand new (at the time) 2015 Deep Impact Blue Escape SE, FWD, 1.6 EcBo. As of this post, she has only let me put a K&N filter on which might be all I can get...
  2. New Escapee

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    Hi, my name is Schelly - which is also my best friend's name (though she spells hers differently)... hence, I am "Ditto." My lease on my 2013 RAV4 ended and I wanted to see how Ford's dealership might be to work with. We have a family member who retired from his job as an engineer with Ford...
  3. New Escape SE in Lima, Perú

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    Hello friends, let me introduce myself, I'm Martin, I live in Lima, Peru. Come to the Forum 2 months ago, looking for information for the purchase of my Escape, finally I decided and this last Monday gave it to me, I am very happy and we surely will share experiences of this vehicle and begin to...
  4. Trailer towing lights

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    I recently purchased a new Escape SE. I ordered the optional trailer towing package. The dealer ordered and installed the trailer hitch and wiring. The wiring harness was coiled up inside the spare tire compartment, which means that I will have to route it out through the hatchback weather...