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  1. 3G Exterior and Interior
    Hello, I am new to the group and I would like to show my 2017 Ford Escape SE. I bought my accessories here: 4PRO Auto Parts
  2. 3G Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hi all, I have a 2013 Ford Escape Titanium. Over the winter i've had a few instances where the car would get an engine fault on the dash and I would proceed to turn the car off and the code vanishes and its never seen again. Well, today when i was coming up my driveway it died on me for the...
  3. 3G Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Hi, We have a 2016 Ford Escape, it has the auto headlights that shut off during the day. Well, yesterday I noticed they did not shut off all day and it was sunny for quite a bit. Any ideas on this?
  4. 3G Engine and Technical Discussion
    I am a newbie to this forum and asking for help. I don't know much about cars or engines but am a quick learner. I searched this question in many locations but don't seem to be able to find an answer to this probably VERY silly question: "Does my 2014 Ford Escape have a PCV Valve and hose and...
  5. 3G Exterior and Interior
    Greetings! I just bought a 2017 Escape Titanium last week and coincidentally have a camping trip to Rothbury, MI coming up in a few weeks. The trip will consist of me and two others, and I'd like to put some of the gear in a cargo box and store it on top of my roof so we're not smashed for the...
  6. 3G Ford Escape Pictures & Videos
    Registering this Car Today. I Just picked up my Brand new Escape Titanium 2017 on Friday. But I'm keeping my Moms Car as well. It's a SE with standard options, My ford touch with MSFT SYNC, reg key start, ect. Eco boost 2.0 Engine.
  7. Ford Escape General Discussion
    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to throw it out there, that I'm going to be adding an additional "series" of videos- "Quick Tips" for How To Escape on YouTube. These will be really really short, and the basic items that we only do every once in a while, but not enough that we often forget how to do...
  8. 3G Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Okay I have a 2014 Ford Escape S with the basic factory model radio that looks like this: http://image.automotive.com/f/2014_ford_escape/70408305/radio.jpg I want to be able to upgrade my radio system to look similar to the Ford Focus's replacement...
  9. 3G Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Can anyone tell me how to temporarily disable the Sirius satellite radio my 2015 Escape? I love my Escape and will buy a new one based on my experience. HOWEVER -- I do not want the Sirius radio JUNK because: I told Sirius I NEVER wanted their "free trial" (I should not have to pay for a...
  10. New Member and Owners Introductions
    I'm a first time owner of one of the great new American cars, a 2014 Sterling Grey Ford Escape S. I live in California and the first thing I did was tint the windows. It's a fun car to drive with nice interior and great electronics.