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  1. Fuel pump angry noise? Maybe?

    3G Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hello. 2016 SE 1.6, 17k miles. Noticed that when I go to start the FE when the key reaches the ON position there is a loud buzz sound from the rear of the car. Seems to me like it sounds like the fuel pump that is powering up but it doesn't sound happy, much louder than a normal fuel pump...
  2. Speed and Fuel to Empty

    3G Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Is there a way to set up the digital cluster in the center to display at the same time your speed and the number of miles until empty at the same time?
  3. FYI: Potential Fuel Leak

    3G Engine and Technical Discussion
    I just wanted to share some info about a fuel leak I just experienced on my 2013 1.6 with 212,000 miles on it. There is a molded fuel line segment [See Attached Photo] that connects the metal fuel line coming from the gas tank to the engine via the fuel regulator. It is located between the...
  4. Fuel pressure sensor location

    3G Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hi everyone. I have a 2013 1.6. The dealer replaced my fuel pressure sensor to repair a fluxuating idle. I still have the idle problem and want to see if they actually replaced the sensor. Does anyone know exactly where it's located. I can't seem to find it. Thanks, Rick.
  5. "lifetime" fuel filter

    3G Engine and Technical Discussion
    So, I recently hit the 25k mark with Serenity, and I mentioned to the tech that I was going to go ahead and change out the fuel filter. I know this was usually a little early, but for the first 20k, Serenity was taking me all over Texas on long trips. So I figured I would just be proactive. The...