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    I am a resident of New York State and live in the Finger Lakes Region just 25 miles east of Rochester and only 4 miles from Lake Ontario. Married to by wonderful wife of nearly 30 years and retired since 2013.
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    :wheels: Picked it up 4/3 off the lot. Most places I looked listed them in stock but they were really only on order, still a week or so away. Lucked into this one 7 miles from home! My first Ford. Will get better pics with a real camera this weekend. Going to post some Sync 3 images in the 2016...
  3. 3G Exterior and Interior
    When I was washing my 2013 escape sel 2 months ago I noticed rust on the left rear door lip I almost threw up . It's not even a year old and I wash it all the time .I went to my local dealer about 4 weeks ago and he still hasn't heard back from ford but he told me don't hold your breath One of...