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  1. After upgrading to Sync V2.3 songs no longer play in album order after ignition off

    3G Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Hello, I have an iPod plugged into the USB connection in my 2016 Ford Escape. Prior to upgrading to the latest version of Sync (v2.3) I could play an album, either using voice commands or tapping the screen, and the songs would play in album order. After ignition off/back on, the songs would...
  2. ipod mft

    Ford Escape General Discussion
    Not sure if anyone has had this problem and started a thread with this. But when I would command to USB to my Ipod to play a certain song/artist and it's a blank with 0/0 on it, starts to freeze on the ipod. When I disconnect my ipod from the car it still recognizes that its plugged in. I've...