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  1. Driver's seat crack... tee hee

    3G Exterior and Interior
    In the midst of my bi-annual interior cleansing extravaganza, I found found a crack in the leather on my driver's seat side bolster. It's not an eye sore, but I'm concerned that if I don't do anything, it will be one soon. Any ideas on how to stabilize this area? I imagine it does get flexed...
  2. Video: 2013 Ford Escape Armrest Replacement / Improvement

    3G Ford Escape Pictures & Videos
    I don't like the original armrest in my 2013 Ford Escape Titanium, so I ordered a longer, softer one from China/AliExpress. It is an aftermarket part. I posted a video about how to install it and what it looks like. The new armrest is black leather, good quality, and I like it much better than...
  3. Leather not real leather

    Ford Escape General Discussion
    I recently purchased a 2014 Titanium with all the options, 410A Equipment group and 8B Charcoal Black heated leather seats. I've had the vehicle a month and on hot days I thought the seat heater was on. My butt was getting warm. This lead me to look at the seats more closely. They are NOT...