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  1. Passenger Seat Vibration

    3G Exterior and Interior
    So I have a 2017 SE 1.5 with cloth seats. Lately, it seems that the vertical part of my passenger seat vibrates and makes an annoying rattle noise when going over bumps on the passenger side of the car. I have tried adjusting my seat slightly forward and straightened the back adjustment in an...
  2. Escape door noise

    3G Exterior and Interior
    This is my last hope in this issue as I’ve taken my 2019 Escape to the dealer and of course they can’t replicate the issue which I think is bull. They had it for a week and I know for a fact the issue happens everyday. When I open my front doors almost every other time after the car has been...
  3. Front end clunking very similar to bad sway bar bushings on 2013 AWD (3rd generation)

    3G Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    As the title says I have been experiencing a modestly loud clunking noise going over bumps which sounds very similar to bad sway bar bushings for a few weeks now. The noise happens specifically when one side or the other hits a bump, but I don't believe it happens when both hit at the same time...
  4. Escape available options by year / package

    Ford Escape General Discussion
    Hello, Just registered but have been looking around for a bit. Interested in buying a used Escape for myself. I'd like to spend less than $15k. Looking at 3rd generation 2014 onward. I'd like a vehicle that fits my height 6'1". I recently test drove a 2014 SE but was a little uncomfortable with...
  5. Floorboard Noise

    3G Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    Any ideas what could be causing a noise under my driver-side floorboard? This happens only when I'm turning the steering wheel? It sounds like something is actually hitting the floorboard.
  6. Fuel pump angry noise? Maybe?

    3G Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hello. 2016 SE 1.6, 17k miles. Noticed that when I go to start the FE when the key reaches the ON position there is a loud buzz sound from the rear of the car. Seems to me like it sounds like the fuel pump that is powering up but it doesn't sound happy, much louder than a normal fuel pump...
  7. 2013 Ford Escape Engine Noise While Accelerating

    3G Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hi all, What is this engine noise that only happens while accelerating on my 2013 Ford Escape? About 91k miles on it. I thought it was the air filter so I checked it out, replaced it, tightened everything back up, but the noise is still there. Anyone heard this noise before? Only happens...
  8. Chattering Fan - Not main blower- suggestions?

    Ford Escape General Discussion
    Hi All, I've been experiencing some chattering in a fan that seems to be secondary to the main blower for the AC/heat. ('13 FE SE, 1.6T) First off, IS THERE another fan aside from the main blower under the cowl/wipers? If there is, how accessible is it? Haven't taken a stab at it as it's...
  9. 2014 1.6l bad CV joint

    3G Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    Hello, new user here. I have a 14 Escape 1.6l AWD with 108xxx and when under power the vehicle begins to shake/vibrate, almost feeling like a tire out of balance. Only happens under power. I just did a rotation to determine it is not the tires, so now I am assuming this is a CV issue. Is...
  10. 2nd Escape - New weird problem

    3G Exterior and Interior
    Hi all! I just purchased my 2nd Ford Escape (this time an SE). I purchased a 2017 about a month ago. The WEIRDEST thing is happening and even the dealer has never heard of this one. When my car is UNLOCKED and has been sitting... If I open my Drivers side door from the outside, there is a...
  11. Intro and some questions...

    New Member and Owners Introductions
    Hi everyone, i'm new to the forum and also new with a 2013 Ford Escape 2.0L SE AWD, leather, nav, pano sunroof with 60 000 KM (36K Miles). Bought it used from an old man, really, really clean and always maintenant at the Ford dealer. Excuse my English i'm from far end of Québec, Canada. So...
  12. 2017 Escape rattles and fixes

    3G Exterior and Interior
    Hi all, I narrowed down all noises that bother me, either by finding these fixes here or elsewhere or myself. So lets get started and if you have one you would like me to add to the begging of this thread just post it here or a link and I will add it to this list. 1. Under the seat heater...
  13. noise from rear

    Ford Escape General Discussion
    I have a noise from the rear that goes away when my breaks are applied. I just had the breaks taken off and cleaned and put back on. The noise has returned any thoughts as to what is wrong?
  14. High Pitch Buzzing

    3G Exterior and Interior
    Last couple months, sporadically getting a loud, buzzing sound. It sounds electronic, like it's coming from rear speakers, but that might not be it at all. It only seems to happen at higher speeds - never hear it in city. I managed to record an audio clip on my iPhone last night - have...
  15. 2015 Escape Whistling Noise When Accelerating

    3G Engine and Technical Discussion
    I have Ford Escape SE Eco boost. Whenever i accelerate I hear a whistling noise. It only does it when accelerate never when i am a full stop.. Anyone can tell me what wrong with it? I took it to the dealer and they are saying is the eco boost and is what they call spooling. Just wondering is...
  16. 2013 Escape Engine seems loud!

    Ford Escape General Discussion
    I just purchased my 2013 Escape SEL w/Eco-Boost, which was a one-owner with approx. 40K miles. Although the mileage seems somewhat high, everything seems to be in great condition & the CarFax showed nothing unusual. One question I do have is this; I realize the car has a turbo, but it, to me...
  17. Driver Door Creaks Opening/Closing

    3G Exterior and Interior
    Hi, on our 2013 FE the driver door started making a creaking sound when it is opened and extended fully. I have not found any similar reports on this forum, but did find what appears to be the same issue reported on the Focus forum. Here is a couple of YouTube videos demonstrating it. The...
  18. Front Wind Noise at Windshield area at 65+ MPH

    3G Exterior and Interior
    My 2013 developed what I thought to be a wind noise coming from the windshield area when going above 65 mph. So I taped off completely around the windshield so there are no open areas between the glass and the vehicle body. I also taped off the bottom corners of the windshield where the rubber...
  19. Gas pedal winding noise

    3G Exterior and Interior
    I have had my Escape for a month now, titanium pkg, and I am about to take it in because it makes a winding noise that is quite noticeable when I push on the gas pedal. I can't hear it if I am on the highway with road noise or if I have the radio on but I feel like a $32,000 car shouldn't make...