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  1. 4G Battery, Engine and Technical Discussion
    I recently bought 2022 Ford Escape SE PHEV. The engine sounds harsh and kinda loud when accelerating especially at low speeds and more so in the first 10-15 minutes in the cold. It's unlike any other SUV engine that I have heard. The closest it sounds like is a diesel engine. I want to drive...
  2. Escape Parts
    Brand new EVSE charger that came with my new 2022 Ford Escape PHEV. Plugged in just a few times to verify it works.
    $250 USD
  3. 4G Battery Range, Fuel Economy and Gas Discussion
    Hello, We own a brand new Escape PHEV and a Tesla MOdel 3. We got a Tesla level 2 charger installed in our garage and I would like to use that to also charge the Escape when I'm home for periods during the day. Does anyone know of an adaptor that works? I tried the Shocflo adaptor off of...
  4. 4G Ford Escape General Discussion
    Hi everyone, I recently (last week) put my non-refundable deposit in with a local Ford dealership (Canada) for the 2023 Escape PHEV. I haven't received any emails from Ford and my dealer is implying that all notifications will come through them. Is this normal practice? I seen people mention...
  5. 4G Battery, Engine and Technical Discussion
    How effective is the 4G PHEV AC on really hot days (95-100F) when stopped at long stoplights and the engine isn't running? How effective is it at quickly chilling a car parked out in the sun? Thanks!
  6. 4G Ford Escape General Discussion
    After exactly 10 production date changes (original MFG date of 3/14/22) my 2022 PHEV Titanium is finally in production this week (5/9). Placed my order on 12/21. Here are come screen shots from the Ford Tracking Website.
  7. 4G Battery, Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hi, forum, Has anyone with the hybrid or PHEV tried to sleep in Escape with the car in accessory mode or ready mode with AC or Heat on? I like to sleep in the car overnight when I'm making two days trip. In Canada, where I live, we get 18°F in winter and 95°F in summer. So I'd like to know if I...
  8. 4G Battery, Engine and Technical Discussion
    I've had an Escape PHEV since September, and I charge it overnight at a regular 3-prong 120v outlet. I'll be going on a longer trip later this summer, so I have some questions. Do I need to buy a charging cord for use at Level 2 stations, or do public stations ever provide their own cords? Any...
  9. 4G Battery Range, Fuel Economy and Gas Discussion
    hello my gf is looking a ford escape phev. what mileage does everyone get on phev escape? she drive 100 miles a day for work. thanks
  10. 4G Ford Escape General Discussion
    I am considering buying the 2022 Escape Plug-in SEL. I was fascinated by the reviews and decided to go for a test drive. My first impression was good but I could not jump into the buying decision. I have noticed some items and would like to get feedback from previous buyers if this is something...
  11. 4G Battery, Engine and Technical Discussion
    Just bought a brand new 2022 PHEV SEL yesterday. Drove home 7 miles, shut it down no problem. Today, I had to move it down the driveway 10 feet; started no problem, but about 1 second after shutdown there was a very loud jackhammer like rattle. Tried starting and shutting down 2 more times...
  12. 4G Battery, Engine and Technical Discussion
    My wife bought a new PHEV yesterday out of state as we couldn’t find any locally. She got home today, and when we plugged it in to our preexisting, working appropriately EVSEs (both 120V and 240V which charged our BEV and other PHEV the Escape will not charge. The charge indicator lights flash...
  13. New Member and Owners Introductions
    Hello. I'm Wes and I just purchased a new '21 Escape Titanium PHEV. Looking forward to learning how to get the most out of driving it!
  14. New Member and Owners Introductions
    I currently own a 2006 Mariner V6 FWD, I have managed to get 30MPG with it twice, vehicle has 246K miles, the only thing that quit working on its own was the heated seat on the driver's side I also own a 2013 C-Max Energi, we have put over 62K miles in just short of 3 yes, current average is...
1-14 of 14 Results