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  1. 3G Exterior and Interior
    Hi all, I’m having an issue with the powers liftgate on my 2014 Escape. It will open fine no matter what method I use, and will open fully. But the only way I can close it is by manually shutting it, none of the buttons will close it. Has anyone else seen this issue? Am I just going to have to...
  2. Ford Escape General Discussion
    I recently had a door latch recall done on my FE 2014 and also had a power piston replaced on the tailgate due to a clicking noise upon opening and closing. I got the car back and the next day noticed a slew of issues with the electrical. - Heater turned itself on to MAX and put the defroster...
  3. 3G Engine and Technical Discussion
    I'm curious as to how many are going for High Horsepower with their escape? What are some numbers people have achieved or are looking to get?
  4. 3G DIY Garage
    Tools/parts needed: 10 mm crescent wrench, 10 mm & 13 mm sockets/wrench, replacement battery (see discussion for size) and a cold beer Approximate time required: 30 min Quick discussion about batteries: All of the 2013 Escapes come standard with a size 96R battery. It's one of the smallest...