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  1. Removing Fender trim pieces.jpg

    Removing Fender trim pieces.jpg

    How to remove fender trim ornamentation
  2. Escape/Titanium/EcoBoost emblem removal

    3G Exterior and Interior
    Does anyone have any insight on how to remove the chrome Escape and Titanium emblems on a 2017? I'd like to either paint them, or buy some black replacements if I can find some. I'd also like to remove the EcoBoost emblem if there aren't any holes behind that one. Thanks!
  3. Front Grille Removal/Replacement

    3G Exterior and Interior
    Hi, I'm planning to replace the front grille on my 2017 Plat. Has anyone done this? Am I in for the knuckle-bleeding nightmare I think I am? I searched and saw the front emblem threads but found nothing on front grilles ...
  4. Removing center console trim, routing USB cable

    Ford Escape General Discussion
    Ever since I bought my 2015 FE in January, I've been perplexed by the placement of the USB in the center console. Sure... I could put my phone in the console, but who does that? I like to use my phone as a GPS and I also like to plug it in while using it. It sits in the center tray, the one in...