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    Hi there, I've searched unsuccessfully a few different times to see what I could find similar to my situation so I'm beginning to think there may actually be a problem with my car. I was hoping to start a new thread and see if there are some new ideas out there. I have the 2013 with the...
  2. 3G Ford Escape Pictures & Videos
    Today was the first snow day of the year in Virginia! The Escapes look so good in the snow! Post your snow photos here!
  3. Ford Escape General Discussion
    Hi, I live in TX but will be spending a few days in the Rockie's with the potential for a bit of driving on un-plowed roads. I will likely have the choice between taking a 2009 Escape XLT or a 14 or maybe even 15 Escape SE. Both are FWD. Does either one have any significant advantage in snow? I...
  4. New Member and Owners Introductions
    Hi Everyone 2014 SE 1.6L Ecoboost, 2 wheel drive Old fart with a 2003 Toyota Tacoma, this is my wife's car. So far , so good. Southern Ontario, lots of snow, survived its first winter well although we did put on 4 snows. Bruce
  5. 3G Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    First off I'm driving a 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid Limited AWD. I've been searching for a while for tires that would give me confidence in the worst of winter conditions. I found a set that's rated for "Severe Snow Conditions” with a mountain snowflake symbol. But, although going through any snow...
  6. Ford Escape General Discussion
    I went for a drive today and once I got on the highway the car started to shake:confused:, so I got off at the next exit to check. Tire pressure was fine. There was some snow packed into the wheels (unevenly). Did a quick google search and this is apparently common. Ill have to brush the inside...