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swapping parts

  1. Need Help with getting 6 speed manual trans in 2013 Escape SEL

    3G Engine and Technical Discussion
    I own a 2013 Ford Escape SEL with all the bells and whistles except 19inch rims. Make a Long Story Short I am slowly researching to make this SEL faster than the Focus RS. Now I know rims and some other parts can be swapped. I am looking for a list of parts that can be swapped from the...
  2. Possible Mods/ Upgrades

    3G DIY Garage
    Hi, I'm new to the forums and this is my first post! I recently purchased a 2013 SE, 1.6L w EcoBoost and I'm stoked about it. Great car. I did some research, and like a few others, was bummed about not having Nav installed in my specific vehicle, or a backup camera, etc... I've been...