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  1. 3G Engine and Technical Discussion
    Looking to see if anyone else has had this problem with their heat. When I'm driving 60mpg+ my heat works fine but as soon as I slow down/idle it blows cold air. This began about 2 months after I got it earlier this year, a shop reset my car and it worked fine after. Now that it's getting colder...
  2. 3G Engine and Technical Discussion
    Have 2016 Escape Titanium 2.0. Problem started out a month ago, completely unable to start the car. Turns out the battery was low and just needed a jump. Had battery checked and it was going bad. Bought new battery and installed (that was not a fun process with the battery location). Car...
  3. Ford Escape General Discussion
    Hi everyone, I bought a 2013 Focus SE Hatch and have to get out of it because of all the transmission issues, Its been in plenty of times and even had the clutch(es) replaced. Still having issues and its out of bumper to bumper and drive train will be done in Nov 2018. Looking at a 2013 Ti...
  4. New Member and Owners Introductions
    Hello forum members my name is miguel and i recently purchased the 2016 Ford Escape Titanium Trim in the silver color and so far i love it, i look forward to meeting you all and exchanging information and expierences, thanks everyone
  5. New Member and Owners Introductions
    Hi all, Today I finally finalized a buyback from Ford. I had a 2014 Ford Escape Titanium 2.0 which had about 10,000 miles when the problems began. To make a long story short I decided to stay with Ford and now have a 2015 same model. I updated my sync on the 2014 last month and my 200gb or so...
  6. 3G Ford Escape Pictures & Videos
    Took delivery a few days ago. Ended up at this cathedral two minutes away from home for a few quick shots. Unfortunately, due to quantity and file size, I can't put them all in as attachment, so I uploaded them to imgur here :) PS, I'm not photographer by any means. Just playing around with a...
  7. Ford Escape General Discussion
    had this 2013 se lease now for almost two years, and now ford is offering me a 2015 titanium for a good deal. coming from a explorer before the escape, i didnt like the car at first, but now 2 years, that 2L turbo is zippy, and i get between 25 and 30 mpg. is the titanium a better driving...
  8. 3G Fuel Economy and Gas Related Discussion
    Here is a picture of my mileage at 27 miles past filing the tank with a little over 2k on the clock. Wow! I cant believe it will get any better than this, this is my daily work commute. Mostly highway but NOT INTERSTATE. I am a Happy Camper!!! 1.6L SE Deep Impact Blue. Wayne.
1-8 of 8 Results