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  1. Removing Fender trim pieces.jpg

    Removing Fender trim pieces.jpg

    How to remove fender trim ornamentation
  2. Removing center console trim, routing USB cable

    Ford Escape General Discussion
    Ever since I bought my 2015 FE in January, I've been perplexed by the placement of the USB in the center console. Sure... I could put my phone in the console, but who does that? I like to use my phone as a GPS and I also like to plug it in while using it. It sits in the center tray, the one in...
  3. New Member issues with 2013 Ford Escape Titanium

    3G Exterior and Interior
    I just purchased a fully loaded 2013 Ford Escape Titanium and noticed a few things that have caused me some concern about the overall quality of products that Ford is producing. I'm not sure if it's just the one I purchased (it's used) or something broader. This has brought me to this form as...
  4. Steering wheel trim

    3G DIY Garage
    Just curious to see if anybody has removed the trim on there steering wheel to wrap it. Didn't want to just jump in there pulling things apart if it doesn't come off.
  5. Custom chrome trim

    3G DIY Garage
    Hello everyone, I have been searching and searching but haven't found anyone that has covered the chrome trim with headlight tint, so I figured why not just give it a try! My goal is for it to resemble black chrome or to basically tone down the chrome and keep some of the shine. Wish me luck!!