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  1. Upgrade to get Adaptive Cruise Control

    4G Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    I got a 2020 SE Sport Hybrid earlier this year before the world fell apart, and I was told by the dealer that I was getting Ford Copilot 360 with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) even though I did not get the premium package, as I do not want a sunroof. To probably no one's surprise, I did not get...
  2. CarID needs Gen3 Dash Update

    Please up date your Dash kits to represent the 2017-2019 correct center dash stack
  3. Hifi upgrade - Sync3 removal (help needed)

    3G Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Hey there. I'm about to upgrade the audio on my Kuga and couple of question marks keep wondering around my head... The plan is to install an external amplifier with subwoofer in trunk and leave everything as it should be. I already have the ISO cable adapter for Ford Kuga/Escape (Match PP-AC 74...
  4. Upgrade SYNC to SYNC 3 : Am I crazy, or over ambitious?

    3G Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Is it at all possible to upgrade SYNC to SYNC 3? I contacted 4D Tech and they said they have a unit in development. But what would keep me from scrounging a junk yard for a SYNC 3 unit and installing it myself? (aside from lots of labor and such) Currently have 2016 Escape SE 2.0 w/ SYNC...
  5. Enable MyFordTouch Navigation (via software update)

    3G Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    MyFord Touch Navigation Activation Only | Windows Mobile Development and Hacking
  6. New Air Filter for my new 2015 FE suggestions??

    Ford Escape General Discussion
    (FYI, first time poster from Philadelphia) I just got a new 2015 FE Titanium, 2.0L Echoboost AWD, and I know very little about cars except how to drive them. I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for a new filter, or if/when/why I should upgrade from my stock one. I'm looking for an...
  7. Possible Mods/ Upgrades

    3G DIY Garage
    Hi, I'm new to the forums and this is my first post! I recently purchased a 2013 SE, 1.6L w EcoBoost and I'm stoked about it. Great car. I did some research, and like a few others, was bummed about not having Nav installed in my specific vehicle, or a backup camera, etc... I've been...
  8. New Sub in Sony Titanium??

    3G Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Hi all, So I haven't found a whole lot in terms of upgrading the Sony system. I have a '13 Titanium 2.0 with the Sony (9 speakers plus sub, I believe). Yes, yes, I am young and love my bass. My vehicle is leased, I talked to my Ford guy and he said that as long as everything is back to stock...