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  1. What really happened?

    Ford Escape General Discussion
    I had my 2016 Escape at the shop for some minor work. New place for me. The shop owner called, very apologetic and embarrassed and said that there was an incident at the shop and the windshield got cracked and the hood dented. He claimed the wind got ahold of the hood (which was propped open...
  2. 2013 Escape SEL

    3G Exterior and Interior
    I just noticed that my windshield mounted rear view mirror housing is loose and moves slightly left and right. This makes mirror adjustments not stay where they get adjusted to. I don't see any set screws to tighten so?
  3. Windshield replacement

    3G Exterior and Interior
    My 2017 Escape Titanium has a crack in the windshield. Apparently a stress crack that isn't covered by any of the warranties I have. :mad: The dealer's service doesn't replace and guided me to Safelite and one other local company. In researching quotes, because I have driver assist, adaptive...
  4. 2016 Escape Windshield streaking

    3G Exterior and Interior
    I have had a problem with the windshield streaking REGULARLY since I purchased the vehicle. I have taken it to 2 different dealerships (Ford of Murfreesboro lied about submitting photos to Ford and told me it was just condensation and it is normal). The 2nd dealership said they tested for leaks...
  5. Front Wind Noise at Windshield area at 65+ MPH

    3G Exterior and Interior
    My 2013 developed what I thought to be a wind noise coming from the windshield area when going above 65 mph. So I taped off completely around the windshield so there are no open areas between the glass and the vehicle body. I also taped off the bottom corners of the windshield where the rubber...