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  1. 2013 Escape IPC and SYNC turn on and off together while driving

    3G Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Vehicle broke down in rural Texas, no Ford dealerships within my towing range, and had to replace the engine (which runs great now), but when I got the car back from the mechanic the IPC and the SYNC display were not functioning properly. Some of the time they are just blank, other times they...
  2. Upgrade speakers

    3G DIY Garage
    I have a 2016 Ford Escape Titanium with the Sony System. I recently installed a subwoofer in my car but after installing it, tuning it and making it look all neat I wasn’t very pleased with the outcome. The subwoofer sounds fantastic but the rest of the speakers in the car don’t have a very...
  3. 2016 Ford Escape

    3G Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    I’m planning on putting in a subwoofer and amplifier in my car but I don’t know where to hook up the rca cables into the radio. I have the Sony system in my car. Can anyone help me?
  4. 2017 escape add additional trailer camera, hard wired

    3G Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Hi all, i have a factory reversing camera installed in my 2017 1.5l ecoboost. i want to wire a camera through the trailer plug and i will put a relay in the video output to switch from the current reverse camera to the trailer reverse camera. Only problem is, i have located the plug for the...
  5. Trailer wiring

    3G Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Adding trailer wiring to my 2017. There are some excellent kits out there that use the existing plugs. The worst part is that they all suggest running the power wire the entire length of the vehicle, and attaching it to the battery. Why can't it be wired to the existing rear fuse panel that has...
  6. 13+ cloth to leather heated seat swap/power question

    3G Exterior and Interior
    Hi, this is my first post here and I couldn't find anyone that asked this exact question. I am switching out the cloth seats(entire seats) and replacing them with factory leather and heated seats from an escape of the same year. My question is, is the vehicle already equipped with all the...
  7. 2013 ... Melted wires

    3G Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Lost ALL functions on the driver door window/mirror unit. I pulled the panel out to troubleshoot and found melted wires to the window switch. Same wiring harness goes up to door lock panel but that worked. After I pulled wire tape back 2 of threes wires were melted and touching in some spots...
  8. '16 center console double USB power plug schematic?

    3G Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Hi. I put in the upgraded double USB plug on our '16 Escape and upgraded to the Sync 3 v2.2 software to make Apple Car Play and Android Auto functional. I have the old double USB plug and was thinking of installing it in the center console of my older Ranger just for the heck of it for an out...
  9. 4-wire trailer wiring - new install

    3G Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Hi Guys, Just picked my wife up a new 2013 SE last night. We got the 1.6 with the navi and a few other options. We were on a strict budget, so I couldn't float the SEL with the towing package. Also had a nice Reese Class III hitch installed. We tow a Sea-Doo and a small utility trailer so I...