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Hello. Recently purchased a 2016 Escape SE with the 1.6 It only has 16k miles on it. I did some preliminary maintenance on it even though its low miles, just for my own piece of mind. Drain and fill trans, changed over to full synthetic oil, cabin and engine air filters. I was thinking of maybe changing the coolant soon as I already have a couple gallons of the orange premix Motorcraft coolant in the garage. I also have an Airlift vacuum coolant fill device as well to pull a vacuum on the system and fill it with that to avoid air pockets. My only concern is that the way the coolant fill on the car is oriented the airlift tool will not fit with the PSI gauge on it height wise under the cowl area. Not sure why the coolant tank is placed that way, silly engineering I guess. Was wondering if I could maybe just remove the gauge from the airlift tool, plug it with a fitting, and use it that way. Don't see why not but was curious if anyone had used one if these on their escape.

On the other hand are these 1.6s prone to getting air locked during a coolant change? Is there a bleeder somewhere that I'm not seeing?

Thanks for the help
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