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2013 ford escape Valve bucket size (tappet)

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Hello this is my first post. The vehicle I have is a 2013 ford escape 1.6L Eco-boost. I took off the tappets (BM5Z-6500-DAAA) on the cylinder head to remove a valve. they got mixed up, and I don't know what tappet goes to what valve. The inside of each tappet has a measurement engraved. it's a 16-valve engine so it has 16 tappets. 2 tappets have a measurement of 3.175. 4 tappets are measured at 3.125. 1 tappet has a 3.075. and another single tappet is measured at 3.200. the last 8 tappets are measured at 3.150 but I believe these all go to the exhaust valves. to simplify my question, which measured tappet goes inside the right valve hole. I have done a lot of research and have found in a YouTube video, this was a problem with this specific year which was addressed later to be one measurement. I used my college resources, and I purchased a Haynes book, sadly it did not specify. I don't know how to contact an engineer at Ford, I feel like they are the only one that would know. I cannot find this information anywhere so i thought i could reach out to the community for help. I really don't want to ruin my vehicle. if you have any information regarding where they go or where I could find this information. I would be most grateful. here are some pics to help illustrate what i mean by measurements you have to zoom in. sorry.


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I took off the tappets (BM5Z-6500-DAAA) on the cylinder head to remove a valve. they got mixed up ...

The 1st rule of disassembly is to lay the parts in takeoff order on the bench. Not only will this help with reassembly but make it easier to identify defective parts to which cylinder.

The information on how to adjust the valve-train will be found in the correct year FORD WORKSHOP MANUAL.

You can access it for a low price for 72hrs online.

Here is how I would go about it The valve clearance(s) must be set and maintained.

Here is a more TECH ORIENTATED short video. Watch it and see if it helps. It may be with the cyl head R&R that the original (factory) adjustments might have changed even if you had kept the take-off parts in order.

You removed the head and reinstalled, so correct tappet clearances must be determined. The reason(s) will be given in the video.

Here is your PN LIST - Cylinder Head - 2013 Ford Escape
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BTW - This video shows this service procedure on all manufacturer's similar valve-train designs, not just FORD.

I would seriously be hesitant to cut a valve-stem to reach correct gap. That is just begging for future trouble(s) (incorrect valvetrain geometry being one). What engine series that is recommended for I have no idea.
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