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2013 ford escape Valve bucket size (tappet)

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Hello this is my first post. The vehicle I have is a 2013 ford escape 1.6L Eco-boost. I took off the tappets (BM5Z-6500-DAAA) on the cylinder head to remove a valve. they got mixed up, and I don't know what tappet goes to what valve. The inside of each tappet has a measurement engraved. it's a 16-valve engine so it has 16 tappets. 2 tappets have a measurement of 3.175. 4 tappets are measured at 3.125. 1 tappet has a 3.075. and another single tappet is measured at 3.200. the last 8 tappets are measured at 3.150 but I believe these all go to the exhaust valves. to simplify my question, which measured tappet goes inside the right valve hole. I have done a lot of research and have found in a YouTube video, this was a problem with this specific year which was addressed later to be one measurement. I used my college resources, and I purchased a Haynes book, sadly it did not specify. I don't know how to contact an engineer at Ford, I feel like they are the only one that would know. I cannot find this information anywhere so i thought i could reach out to the community for help. I really don't want to ruin my vehicle. if you have any information regarding where they go or where I could find this information. I would be most grateful. here are some pics to help illustrate what i mean by measurements you have to zoom in. sorry.


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i checked out the website and purchased the subscription. however, there is no information on the entire database. the only information it retains is to measure. which I understand and am ready to do. only thing is know these valve lifters had to be placed on purpose or else they would be the same measurement. I only have one 3.200. ford should know exactly what valve springs it sits at. i found a video that details my exact problem only its a different ford engine.
skip to 10:50 he goes into more detail. i dont think the assembly guy just grabbed a bunch of rendom tappets and put them in place.
one of my exhaust buckets fits way higher. when measured it, it raises the entire camshaft. i gave up measuring at .009. meaning there is something else wrong here. Ive never encounter this so i don't have any information regarding this issue or what to do. on the website it said i need to replace engine valve stem oil seal. I wassent planing on doing so, but now im thinking the only way to get it to spec is by repacing everything in that valve hole. do you think i am screwed??? can this be repaired? it was the exhaust valve above cylinder 3.
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