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Hello, I am having an issue with my 2014 Ford Escape 1.6 Liter, Front Wheel Drive.
I replaced the upper transmission mount on my ford Escape due to vibration when shifting to drive, I jacked all four wheels of the car. Upon completion of the transmission mount replacement, I started the car with all four wheels still jack up and shifted gears from Park to drive twice, I left the shifting gear in drive for a few seconds. The Instrument Panel Cluster displayed the following message: Power assist Fault Service Required. The steering wheel became hard to turn. Upon running a diagnostic with IDS I got the following two codes: 1) U0131:00-2F- BCM and 2) U0131:00-0A- IPC.
I took the following actions to remedy the issue: I ran a network test with IDS every module responded with the exception of the PSCM (Power Steering Control Module). I tried to reprogram it with IDS it would still not communicate with the PSCM.
I did a visual check of all wires and connections I found no damage, I replaced the battery. I disconnected the battery positive and used an alligator connector to connect it to the negative connector and let it sit overnight to rest all modules the power steering module is still hard to turn. I disconnected both the positive and negative battery connectors and touch them with each other for 60 seconds and let them sit separately overnight after connecting the battery and starting the car I am still not getting any communication from the PSCM and, the steering wheel is still hard to turn. I check fuses 40, and 72 and I replaced the 80 AMP MIDI fuse connecting the small positive cable going from the battery positive connector to the steering wheel module. I finally relearned the TPS on all four tires, The PSCM is still not communicating with the PCM and the steering wheel is hard to turn. The 2014 Ford Escape had the coolant recall done. The Instrument Panel Cluster message: Power assists Fault Service Required disappears and reappears instantly once I clear the DTC.
Is there anything you can recommend I do before I consider buying a new steering rack?


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