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So, I wanted to let you folks know that I was able to successfully use the CRUX SWRFD-60E, the Metra 99-5833B dash kit, and the Metra 40-EU10 antenna adapter to successfully install a single DIN head unit that I had left over from an older vehicle, into my dad's 2014 Escape. I made a trip to the visit my dad after Christmas, and the installation took a few hours of time. I didn't break anything, and ended up with a functional stereo when I was done.

Here's a picture with the main dash part removed, before pulling the ford audio equipment (I think that's the ACM).

After removing the ford equipment, I had to cut out some plastic on the bottom, as the mount kit directions indicated. I used an oscillating tool and it was a quick and easy job.

I then plugged the CRUX SWRFD-60E harnesses into the ford harnesses. Lots of wires to stuff! I had pre-soldered the radio connector to the Crux harness, so all I had to do was plug everything in.

I installed the mount kit and the single DIN receiver (older Dual brand unit) in the top slot and the storage pocket in the bottom slot.

After testing to verify that everything worked, I buttoned it all back up, installing the new fascia from the Metra 99-5833B dash kit. It's a pretty slick piece with a new hazard button and everything. The latch on the button to the wire was a bit loose, so I had to put some tape on to hold it together. Besides that, the parts were all fine.

Here's the finished product.

The factory backup camera still works, like Crux said it would, so that made me happy. And my dad can listen to music in his car again, so that made him happy.
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