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2015 Ford Escape SE Sunroof & Shade issues

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Hey everyone, looking for a little help here. I have a 2015 Escape SE with some sunroof and shade issues.

Issue 1: the sunroof shade will not progress further than halfway closed. It’s almost like the motor thinks that is the end of the track. I’ve tried to initialize which the shade will fully open and close during the process but after, once it gets back to halfway, it won’t progress further again. It’ll move forwards and backward along the tracks on the rear half of the sunroof. But nothing more. So I can’t shut it all the way.

Issue 2: the sunroof itself is immobile. It fully opens and closes during initialization, however once complete, the sunroof goes back to not moving.

Fuses are all good. I’m at a loss, I’m a DIY type of guy, so additional help is appreciated.

Question I have for the experts, if the sunroof and shade will move during initialization, does that mean the motors are good?
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In general yes.
This sounds like it needs a trip to a dealer or someone with access to Ford IDS to have the sensor calibration reset.
BTW the same thing can also happen with the driver's seat, we had ours decide that the closest position as about 4" from what it had been new, the fix was to run the IDS re-calibration routine.
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