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2015 Titanium Ecoboost AWD Needs engine

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14 months ago I brought my suv to Ford Dealer because it was jerking and I was getting 11 MPG. They said I needed a new transmission and it was around $6800. I did and a few weeks later, I picked it up with new tranny. It was great. Although it never fixed the gas mpg problem. Within a year I heard a rattle up by the front right wheel very faint. I was out driving and I went to stop at a red light, and it didnt stop. The brakes were spongy. I thought I needed new brakes or rotors. I drop it off at the dealer 3 weeks ago. I get a call that afternoon saying it was the vacuum pump and I could get it replaced with labor new front brakes and change the brake fluid it would be $1250. I gave the ok. that same afternoon found out I was no longer going to be employed because of covid-19. Next afternoon they called and they said vacuum pump is connected to the Engine Crankshaft and it was full of metal shavings. The only thing I can do is get the engine replaced. So not only did I buy the vehicle out fully loaded off the showroom floor upgraded with everything including upgraded wheels, and paid for it in full that day. I had to buy the new transmission and multiple things here and there last year. Now the engine is apparently the only thing I can do to fix it is to get a new engine.. I refuse. So they said I can now come pick up my unfixed escape and pay the labor of them TRYING to fix it for $580.Because they took the vacuum pump off and had to put the broken one back on again. I need to pay $580 and get it towed another $180 out of there.
Is this normal to be charged for this at the Dealer? Nothing is fixed. Should I now just have it towed to the junkyard and take the loss of a fairly new vehicle? Now since I have lost my job I have no other car, I have no money to even pay them for the labor because since I dropped my car off up till now I dont have income.. Do you think Ford will allow me to get my car and pay less ? Devastated.
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From your post it sounds like they were in the middle of a job that had your okay. If that's the case, then, yes, it would be appropriate to bill you for their labor up to the point where the job was shutdown. Sorry that your experience with the vehicle has been poor. Hope things work out for you soon job-wise.
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Timbers is correct, you would need to pay for what was authorized, but I dont know why they wouldn't think shavings are from the pump or some other failed part. Were metal shavings in the oil? I dont know why they would think it to be the engine, but admittedly I dont know much about this part of the car. I would call a few mechanics and give them a synopsis and ask their opinions and the shop that seems most honest to you should have a look.
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