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Hello Everyone,

I've been in the process of removing my front bumper on my 2017 FE 2.0 to install the CX Racing intercooler kit and noticed something interesting about the air intake. The hoses that feed off the intake box lead to a compartment at the top of the front bumper. After looking at it a bit, I noticed its almost completely blocked off with no good way for air to get into it. Looking at the front grill, There is a couple cut outs that look like they should feed air to it but the horn mount runs across this entire area blocking it off. Has anyone ever considered deleting the horn mount or modifying it to allow for more air to reach the intake? It looks like the horn mount also doubles as the mounting point for the top of the bumper so maybe just cut out the slots for air to enter? Does anyone think this would be worth doing or should I just leave it alone?

Front Bumper Holes:

Air Intake Compartment:
Air intake section 1.JPG


Where Horn Mounts to Bracket
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