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2019 escape sel low beam headlight bulb wont lock in on driver side

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I was trying to replace my headlight bulbs on my escape and I couldn't get the driver side one to lock in. The passenger side was super easy so I'm not sure why the driver side won't go in. It's almost like it doesn't go in all the way to lock in or maybe a piece fell off or broke that I didn't notice? I'm so confused with this one. They are projector style headlights fyi. Oh, and I tried to put the burned out bulb back in and that wouldn't go back in either. Here's a couple of pics of the inside to me they look different.
Driver side ( that won't go in)
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Passenger side :
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Keep trying. They can be a pain to get in sometimes especially in tight places. And only one out of three positions will work so try all three till you find the right one.
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