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My 2020 Sport Hybrid with just under 10,000 miles has just recently, and intermittently, started making a very loud noise when I back out of garage, or generally when in reverse. It happens whether or not I have my foot on the brake. It is NOT the normal pedestridan alert sound and is more like a noise from the rear brakes. As I said, it does NOT depend upon me applying the foot pedal brake.

It started when cold weather began, but that may not have any bearing or causation to this problem. It does not occur every time I back up, and is not just on "first start of day" or at any specific temperature range.

Anybody else experience this?

Art 2020 Ford Escape SE Hybrid, mileage 9,900
I own a 2020 Ford Escape too. Since new it’s screeches very very loud It’s a lemon. 38,000 miles. Had it any many dealerships can’t figure it out. So I called ford motor company and trying to get buyout. It’s truly a LEMON 🍋
1 - 1 of 13 Posts