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2020 Ford Escape Hybrid - replace 12 volt battery with larger Group 48 AGM

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Here's a quick how to video that I made showing replacing the stock 12v 45AH lead acid battery with a 12v 70AH AGM battery.
Some folks have had issues with the stock 12v battery running down and not being able to unlock the vehicle, or start it by remote, or some to even start it at all, as it is needed to engage the relays for the high voltage battery. Some also get the "Deep Sleep" message in the FordPass app that indicates a low battery voltage for the 12v battery.
Adding a larger AGM battery helps to prevent these issues.
Besides topping up the AGM battery prior to install, it took about 20 minutes.

Edit - The 12 volt battery is under the floor in the rear cargo area. In the Titanium hybrid, the spare tire covers it, so remove the spare tire to see it. In the SE hybrid, there is no spare tire, so you'll see it once you lift up the floor of the rear cargo area. - Edit

Here is the battery that I used because I found one for $125! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008FWCLHU
But any Group 48 AGM 12 volt battery will work. (Also called size H6)

Edit 2 - Thanks to a tip, I checked with the Ford service department and they said they do need to reset the BMS for an AGM battery. - Edit 2

Edit 3 - If you want to keep it all Ford, or have the dealer do it, here is the Ford battery:
Part #: BAGM48H6760 (48H6)
https://parts.ford.com/shop/en/us/electrical/battery-and-related-components/battery-7862483-1 - Edit 3

For everyone asking, here is the BMS reset procedure
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hat a
Hi guys Can some one explain for me one thing? I replaced my battery, update bms in BdyCM i find value and it looks interesting "Battery state of charge % " Anybody can use forscan for your own escape hybrid and tell for me, which value you have?
Wait a few days and scan again. For those with early death of the standard battery - has anyone checked the configuration in forscan? What happens if you have a standard battery but are configured for AGM battery? I would think overcharging would ensue. If the config does not match the battery type I think ford owes you a new battery and an update to the config.
We've been having issues the last few weeks with our AGM swapped Escape. No deep sleep issues, just sometimes after driving and turning off the car everything goes off before even opening the door and it won't start back up for a few minutes. Noticed on the app we had some messages with issues. We have been using remote start more due to winter. I scheduled the earliest service appointment I could and it's two weeks away. In the mean time I busted out Forscan again and decided to
change the StateOfCharge from 80% to 90% in hopes that prevents more issues. If all is well we'll probably cancel the service appointment.
I am going to say this is unrelated and you should get it back to dealer. The SOC is set by the vehicle. I would not edit directly. You can edit battery type if wrong. Keep us posted. HV is the big battery not the AGM. Glad to hear your deep sleep is gone.
I know what you mean on first model year. Mrs. want to try a '23 Pilot to replace her '12. All new V6 kind of makes me nervous.

Good battery really seems to help these things with electronic mysteries. Forscan can be helpful but can be a double edged sword. My '16 had a wiring harness rub that correcting really really sorted out mysteries.
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